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Beautiful looking self tapes...

What's our set up like and where are we based?

We have a lovely home studio, with beautiful lights, Rode sound and a great camera - a Panasonic GH4 Lumix and we're central too, close to Liverpool Street/Old Street station or Haggerston/Hoxton Overground.


We offer this service because...  

We believe we've perfected it and feel it's a shame that a lot of talented actors aren't getting noticed because their tapes just aren't that great - or that they feel pressured into delivering half a product at the last minute.


Just by sending a sharp, professional looking tape, where you look and sound your best -  the chances of booking that gig are already much higher. We are professional readers but if you really prefer to read with a colleague you know well, then of course you can bring them too at no extra cost. We ask you to send the scene in advance so we can prepare and think about how best to shoot it and we're also available at short notice just like some self tape requests are.

Who are we and why come to us?

We are actors, filmmakers and directors with over 20 years experience between us. With a passion for the small and big screen we can help you with your scenes in the way that your partner, mum or grandma can't! With us, all you have to do, is focus on your acting rather than the set up, sound or image.  


Ultimately, we are super chilled, fun and understanding. We really care about giving you the best chance possible to create the tape you want. We want you to get the job and will do our best to help you. 


​Get in touch today to see what we can do for you! Thank you.

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