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1 hour £50

1.5 hours £70

2 hours - £90


Read through the scene and prepare

Scene reader - male or female

As many takes til you're happy

Direction if required

Slate if needed

Copies of all the tapes or just your favourites

Edit if you want



We also offer coaching for self tapes or auditions in the room.


With many self tapes and castings coming in at such short notice, actors barely have enough time to learn the lines, let alone think about the scene and the circumstances. We can help you prepare in a way that gets you results fast, by working intensively with you and being that outside eye. All that we ask is for you to be open to it.   

If we're coaching you for a self tape, we could also film it with you after - (if you wanted), for an extra fee. 

Prices are the same as our self tape service: 

1 hour £50

1.5 hours £70

2 hours - £90


Jumaan also offers coaching in the English / RP accent and pronunciation for non-native speakers. So if you have a script to work on which you're struggling with, she can help you prepare for it. A BA graduate of Bristol University, she also holds the TEFL qualification and as well as being an actor/director (she received the Pioneer's Award scholarship to attend the London Film Academy), she has taught MSc business students at University College London, English language students at St Giles, Holborn and in schools in Italy and also has had private clients from Goldman Sachs, Sabadell and many more.


 £45 for 1 hour at the studio and £30 for 1 hour online. 


Not enough time to learn your lines? No friends or family to help you at short notice/late at night or exhausted your favours!? Or do you need someone to read for you while you tape at home? We can do that. We can read and coach you virtually - Skype, Zoom, Whats App or FaceTime. We can help you drill those lines for an in the room audition or self tape.​

1 hour £50 

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