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How to pay

We require payment at the time of booking. 

Do we edit tapes?

We can edit the tapes and send them to your agent too, but if you would like that service we need to factor in some time for that. Alternatively we can give you your takes straight away and you can edit and send them on if you prefer/are comfortable with that in your own time.

What to bring?

Please come in costume or bring your outfit changes and bring props if you need them.


Secondly, please bring a hard drive or laptop/phone (with space!) so you can take your tapes away with you if you so wish. We can either put the camera card direct into your laptop or we can airdrop them to you (if you have a Mac or iPhone) or just put them on to your computer via a drive. Do make sure you have space in your phone/laptop or drive.


Although if we are editing for you, we are happy to send your tapes to you or your agent via We Transfer. 


No need to print sides for us. Thank you!

I get nervous, I'm not ready

Lastly, it's normal to feel anxious at the start (we've been there ourselves), so don't worry about being 'no good' or forgetting your lines, we completely understand - these castings are often sent out at such short notice, it's not easy. We'll give you the time you need so you'll go away happy with the work you've done. Although you never know - sometimes people send their first takes! 

Thank you

Ubi Self Tapes

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