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For Self Tape Bookings please book via below.

For all other bookings eg: zoom self tapes/coaching/reading/children, pls email us direct at

NB: if you have any problems booking, eg: can't find a time on the calendar - feel free to email us or call us direct (preferable for urgent requests), as we may be able to accommodate and talking to a human is always good! (If we do not get back to you asap, it is usually because we are taping, but we will.) 

Please also think carefully about the time you need to book - depending on the number of scenes you have. People often underestimate, then run late and feel under pressure as we often have bookings after!


Alternatively, a good way to save time & money is to edit the tapes yourself (we include choosing tapes, editing, shrinking, labelling, sending on We Transfer/Tagmin etc in the booking time) and that way you can spend more time just working on the scenes. If you'd like to do that, then you just need to remember to bring a device that has enough space for them as they are raw files and therefore very big! Of course, we are also happy to edit if that's your preference.

Lastly, due to the nature of last minute tapes, we can also provide autocue, which is another way to speed things up and give you back-up. 

Thank you 

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